Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wet weather sends me inside to work and shots from the island

We've had a lot of rain lately - which we needed - but it's made it impossible to work on Daphne. Even when it hasn't rained the stone is still wet and if I do any carving dust will stick to the stone and make it difficult to read. I'll have to work inside... anyway it's good to get away from her for a while. When I come back I'll be able to see her with "fresh" eyes.

Back in April I was working this piece of marble and this was as far as I got before I put it on the back burner.

The stone was moved into the studio and placed up on platform. This has made a world of difference - the stone was way too low before and made working on it difficult. Having the sculpture up has made it much easier to see and work. I have carved the right arm (though it still needs work) and have generally refined the form.

I have worked a great deal on refining the face and making the leg thinner and generally worked all over the piece. I have crayoned where I think I will take the right arm.

This is the model for the 11 foot stone from an earlier post. I have roughly sketched out the model to see what can do in the stone. I have laid it on it's side so I can compare with the stone...

You can see that the stone is thicker than my model. I will not try to follow a silouette of the model, I can cut and remove a sizable area in a nearly straight line and at least get close to the form...

I accompanied Don to a client of mine who bought my limestone sculpture Ely . Ely is in good company, that's a Frederick Hart sculpture on the right of the photo, cast from Ex Nihilo which is on the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.. Don was helping them decide how to safely move a large (over 5 foot tall) jade sculpture into their yard.

I saw this plant out on our island and though it has been fairly chilly, I waded across to get photos. I looked in my guide book and the closest thing I could find was Goat's Beard.

Isn't this a funny looking thing? Looks like a little creature climbing up the log. I think this might be a slime mold.

I spent quite a while exploring the island taking photos. This is my favorite shot.

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