Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Don's Sculpture installed at Purdue University, Daphne and a new project

Dereck Sheroan of JBB Inc. loads Don's sculpture 'Man and Technology' onto the flatbed truck that was rented from Penske. Dereck is a very skilled operator and handles each job with care.
Don, on the truck, removing the rigging and preparing to strap down the sculpture.

This is the newest project for me. The plan was to move it to the end of the building and stand it upright. The stone is about 12' long.
The building was put up after this stone was brought in and as a result the crane can't get right up next to it. The crane had to be set up a couple of times before it was close enough to lift the stone. It weighs 13,000 lbs and was right at the limit of what the crane could lift. We got it close to where we are going to stand it up but we are running out of time - we need to get on the road with Don's sculpture. I will drop some weight off of the stone where it is. Stay tuned....

We set out for West Lafayette. Along our route we saw this group of classic cars. I took many, many photos out the truck window, I managed to get a few good pics.

We arrived at Purdue's Picket Park the next morning. Don leaves the parking lot to drive around to the site Purdue has it's own crane - even has boiler maker insignia -they also provided the operator.

Tom Eisman is the Chairman of the Arts Committee at Purdue. Don and he have worked together through the whole process. Only fitting that he helps Don with setting the sculpture in site.
Man and Technology in its new home.
Another view. To the far right is Don's other sculpture in this park. See Don's blog
http://restlessrocks.blogspot.com/ for pics of that sculpture and more photos of the installation.

Tom suggested we stop and see these sculptures, a Butterfield sculpture in the foreground, a large bronze sculpture by Aizkorbe in background and between, a creation of sapling trees which was fun to explore.

Don exploring...

Back to Daphne, I have been cleaning up leaves. The underside of these leaves are somewhat rough so...

I use a die grinder with a diamond burr and clean them up. I do that again and again and again.....

I am using a 4 1/2" angle grinder with a diamond wheel to make deep cuts through the leaves for dark shadows. The leaves I originally cut with a masonry blade on an angle grinder. I get a more fluid feel with a 4" blade than I do with a burr on a die grinder.

A praying mantis cleans it's foot....

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