Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beginning to carve the right hand of Discovery, a few Nature photos

 This is the stone for the right hand of Discovery.  I need to remove some stone to get down to form of the hand.  I marke this area with a lumber crayon.  The dark line just below the hash marks is actually high of where I will end up but it's always better to cut off too little, you can always cut off more stone, can't put it back on though...

 This is the other side of the hand and arm.  I have marked the area that needs to be removed at the wrist and hand.  The pinky is also marked.
 I remove the stone from the wrist...(photo by Don)
 the stone from the wrist is partially removed using an angle grinder with a 10" diamond turbo blade.  Don works on the left arm in the background.
 Measurements are made from the model and then drawn onto the stone.  If you really use your imagination you can kind of see the hand in the rock...maybe.
 I have cut around the thumb and have marked the stone that needs to be removed to define it.
 I am closer to the form but not quite there, I always cut wide to be safe.  Here I am marking the edge of the thumb (edge) which will be cut off and the ridge of the thumb.  The ridge is the high point that runs along the thumb, I will bevel the stone on with side of the ridge.
 Removing stone from the index finger..
 I have roughly formed the thumb but it is still heavy.
 I have been cutting down the palm section and cutting around the fingers. I have marked the fingers with lumber crayon, not sure I'm happy with it, will measure once more before I cut.
As you can see,the wrist is really thick and needs to be cut down...
 Another view of the arm, lots of stone still needs to be removed.
 This bird (Thrasher) looks like it might be distressed but it's just taking a dustbath.
 A storm rolled through the area yesterday - it had some really dramatic clouds.
A possom and deer dine together.

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