Thursday, June 20, 2013

laying out the right hand, refining the face of "Discovery"

To layout the right hand, I made a template of the plaster model.  First, I measured and photographed the model.  Then, I put the photograph in Adobe photoshop program and blew it up to the correct length - 121 inches. I gridded off the photograph into 8 inch squares and numbered each square.  I cropped different sections of the hand, so that they overlapped the numbers.  I taped the sections into a window; the numbers acted as register marks.  I did the arm in three sections and then taped them together.  The last step was to cut around the edge of the arm.
The template was laid on the stone that will be the right arm.  A timber crayon was used to trace the outline.
Another section of the arm with traced outline.
I position the model at the same angle as the head.  I can compare the shadows on the head to the plaster model.  For instance, the hair is too heavy, the shadow of the hair is fairly wide at the top of the head compared with the model.  The shadow almost disappears at the top of the head.
I have been refining the face of Discovery, grinding down the brow on her right side.  I have also been refining the mouth and eyes.
While I was working, this butterfly alighted upon me and began licking the dust off my hand with its proboscis. 

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