Sunday, June 9, 2013

righting the arms of "Discovery"

 The left and right forearms of "Discovery" were roughly blocked while on their side.  This way the bottom of the stone could be made flat.  Now it is time to set them upright. 
The two stones were placed under the Geodome as it has a rain-proof cover which can be used for protection from rain or sun. In order for the stones to be turned upright, the Geodome must be moved. 
Dereck Sheroan with JBB inc. arrives with a 23 ton crane to move the dome.  A rigging device known as a 4-way - 4 wire cables with hooks is used to lift the dome, though it is hooked only at 3 points which makes for a more balanced lift.
 After the dome is moved, one stone is set upright.  The rigging is set around the stone using a choker hitch.  Don watches to make sure the rigging doesn't slip as Dereck rights the stone onto the waiting timbers.
 A section that was cut from the stone is loaded on the crane to be moved away from the work area.  The way this stone is rigged is called a basket hitch.
 The second stone is set upright. This is another view of a choker hitch. The rigging is looped through itself on what will be the top of the rock, as the crane lifts it turns the stone to desired position.
 Sections of stone that had been cut from what will be the two arms are removed as well.  These stones have sharp edges that can damage nylon slings.  Wire rope (which is exactly what it is, wire fashioned into a rope) is used to handle these sections.  It is fine for unfinished rock but it is best to wear gloves as the individual wires can fray and leave splinters in your hands.
 After the rocks were righted, scrap rock moved and the Geodome replaced, Don used the crane himself for "Seedling" a pink marble sculpture which recently sold.  It will be going to its new home at the Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden in Dalton, Georgia.  You can see all about that at Don's blog
After he moved the stone up to the studio to make it ready for the trip to Georgia we went to the creek the photo about is of a backlit dragonfly swooping around catching bugs....

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