Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chiseled in Vandalia, Louisville Waterfront park

Here are some images from a variety of recent activities.

Don and I went up to Vandalia, Ohio to see the "Chiseled" stone symposium. This is John Leon of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The main reason that we made the journey was to see how Matt Weir was doing. He was well on his way to being finished, on the day we were there.

Todd Frahm of Bloomington, Indiana was making great progress on his Tree Frog and lightbulb. He has a great video on YouTube of time-lapsed images that show the progress of the sculpture from start to finish.

This is Lasha Kidasheli, who is originally from eastern Europe.

This is Patrick Sullivan of B.C. Canada.

About a week later, we stopped in at Louisville skateboard park so that I could snap some photos.

I got a lot of pictures of air-borne kids.
This guy is flipping his board.

This little guy is getting help from his dad.

After that, we walked down to Waterfront Park, to see the new Lincoln Memorial. There are a number of plaques on big, polished black granite plinths by Ed Hamilton and Juliet Ehrlich. A granite wall with quotes from Lincoln stands behind the sculpture. It's quite an impressive installation and, obviously, very popular.

This is Ed Hamilton's statue of Abraham Lincoln.

On the way back to the car, I snapped this shot of the sun setting over the Louisville waterfront.

Before we made it out of the city, we found out that it was "India Day" on the Belvedere.

The dancers were fantastic, and we took home 2 boxes with an incredible variety of India food. I'll be watching for the next India Day!

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