Sunday, October 17, 2010

Continuing the bear, and a party in the Indiana Hills

I have opened up the area between the bear's front leg and and back leg on her back side. I am just beginning to form the cub's leg and foot - barely visible in this photo.

Here is a view of the cubs play fighting on mom's belly, still have a bit of work to do on ... I was writing this Sunday night, when Don said, " Something's wrong with Grumpess". I went into the other room and there she was on her side, panting and pupils dilated. Don called Jefferson Animal Hospitals (open 24 hours) and they said "bring her in" and so we drove the hour and a half to the hospital (periodically checking to make sure she was still with us). They admitted her right away and put her on oxygen. Though the first meeting with the Doctor wasn't hopeful (her responses weren't good), ultimately she came around and made a full recovery . Below is a picture of Grumpess taken today -

the orange nose in the upper left corner is Mickey (another cat) rubbing against the camera.

Back to the bears. Here are the cubs play fighting on their mothers belly. I am working the faces slowly, leaving them a bit wide and working my way in to where they should be. I use a crayon to mark the center lines of the faces, where the eyes are, etc.

You can see that there is a lot going on here. Back of cubs head, mothers foot and mouth, two cubs and the cubs back foot. I have to be very careful to get everything to fit together.
I have opened up areas around the cubs paws using a die grinder. I will open it further with an air hammer.
Don and I were invited to Tom and Claire Burkhardt's farm for a celebration of their 20th Wedding anniversary. Here is a pic of Tom with the sculpture Don gave them.
At the party there was a Bluegrass band...

Lots of good food...
And pony rides!
A little girl sits on a bench Don did years ago, enjoying the music.

Here is a beautiful Weimaraner, not sure if her attention is on the music or the aromas from the food....


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! It was also a nice surprise seeing you at Mike's opening. I know Tom B. also got a kick out of seeing all the sculptors again.

Meg said...

Hi AL,

It was good to see you and everybody else at Mike's opening. But I'm kicking myself that I forgot the camera.