Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finding the cubs, a show at Pyro

I am using a die-grinder to shape the cub's head. I am also using it to remove stone under the head.
I am opening the area around the ear and down the mother's leg. I am careful not to create a pocket that will hold water.

The cub is still blocky in feeling; I will refine it as I apply fur texture.

I am applying fur texture to the mother bear's leg. First, I made a pattern with a masonry wheel on a 4" grinder (right side of picture). Then, I come back with this little die grinder and make random, somewhat deep, cuts with this diamond wheel tool. I, then, use this same tool to make individual hairs, varying the pressure as I go to create dimension to the fur.

Here is the mother's leg with fur texture. I will move the sculpture outside before I am finished, to make sure everything looks the way I want it.
Al Nelson and Bob Lockhart have work included in a show at Pyro Gallery in Louisville, Ky. This is Don looking at a work in wood by Bob Lockhart.
This is a sculpture by Al Nelson. The center is stone and can be easily spun around because....

It has an hourglass inside! Really ingenious.
A woman admires another sculpture of Al's, as seen through Bob Lockharts sculpture.
A screech owl watched us, as we drove by.

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RJ said...

The Grizzly sculpture is looking amazing!!! And as always, I love all the extra photos you post.