Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finishing touches on the Bears and sky high photo

While I am working on the hair pattern, I check both sides to make sure the pattern is somewhat consistant. I am working in various areas, refining the cub's feet, opening up the areas between the cub's legs and the mother's, as well as refining her face, nose and eyes.
This is the mother's right forearm. I have used a diamond wheel tool on the fur at the bottom of the photo. The testure at the top is from a masonry wheel on an angle grinder. You can see how much more dimension is achieved by using the diamond wheel. It is a lot more work, though. Also, you need a good strong light from the side in order to really see what you're doing.
This is a flared flat ended diamond tool on a small die-grinder for putting hairs on the cub's foot. I do a lot of shaping with this tool, as I put on the hair.
I use the same tool for cutting in the nose of this cub.
It's also handy for setting the eye back into the skull.
I use a larger die-grinder to open the area between the mother bear's leg and the cub's leg. I work the area from both sides until I have it opened.
How did I manage to get a photo of the property from so high up? I'll never tell!
This is some insect work going on here - this is from earlier in the year, just ran across it and thought it was interesting.

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